Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Months

Today is a little bittersweet for 29th birthday, and also just 3 months ago Jillian Grace was born. She would be 3 months old today, and as much as I soooo wish she was here, I know she is celebrating in Heaven, and also she is here celebrating with us.

I know everyone always says, "I can't believe it had been that long already" and I guess for me, I feel like it has been sooo long ago she was with us. Don't know why that is, just seems like a lot longer than 3 months.

I know Jillian was sent to us for a reason, and I feel like because of her I have become a lot stronger person. I feel her with me everyday and I feel like there are so many things I want to accomplish and never had the nerve to do it before, and now I feel like she is giving me a nudge, and telling me to go for it! She is one special little girl, and she doesn't need to be here on Earth for me to know that. Every time I see her pictures, her sweet little makes me smile now more than cry....but still have plenty of tears now and then.

This is going to be the last post on Jillian's Blog. I am ready to print it and add it to her memory chest. She is a part of our family, so anything about her will be added to my family blog. I had this blog at first to keep people updated on her journey....and I don't really have much more to say that can't be said on our family blog.

I want to thank all of you for following along, all your thoughts and prayers through this journey....we have an amazing group of people, some we have known forever, some we have become friends through Jillian, and some I have never met, but know you are going through this same journey, and you are all strong woman and we are all becoming stronger through each other.

Happy 3 Months in Heaven Jillian! We all love you and miss you so much---but you already know that!