Monday, February 14, 2011

19 Months

Wow. 19 Months already since Jillian's birth.

Valentine's Day might never really feel the same again. 2 years ago we found out about Jillian's fatal condition, just the day before Valentine's Day. I think I now associate this day with her diagnosis, it just isn't the same anymore. Coincidentally, today is also 19 months since her birth.

I felt like I needed a "Jillian Post!" It had been awhile, I get to blog about the other girls all the time, it was Jillian's turn.

I know we cherish the moments we had with her and still think about her often. We wonder what she would look like now, what she would be doing, saying, eating, what her laugh would be like and I am sure her smile would light up a room!

I LOVE how Ellie and Malia bring Jillian up AT LEAST once every single day. She is ALWAYS included in their cute little family drawings, and whenever Ellie writes the members of our family, she NEVER leaves her out. I love that.

I also think what a blessing Brylie is and as Ellie said to me the other day..."Mom, Jillian did such a good job sending Brylie to us."
Love this one soon after she was born....she is smiling and trying to find her thumb! :)