Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Baby Pics!

Today was our visit with Dr. Levine in Omaha. We had a GREAT visit-----seriously we are SO BLESSED to have the best doctors!!!! He is so down to earth and makes us feel so at ease about our decisions. He also thought there was no problem with delivering here in IG----so we have one more visit scheduled with him in 6 weeks, before Jillian's arrival!

Everything looks fantastic---my blood pressure is still great, and Jillian looked great, he said she is measuring a little small, not too small, just a little, so we should expect her to be a little smaller, which he said is not abnormal, but she looks great! He also said there is still fluid in her stomach and she was "peeing" so that is a good sign. My fluid levels though we a little high----mine were 24 and he said 25 would be borderline high----so nothing to worry about this time, but if I start to feel like I am getting bigger or more uncomfortable, just to let him know.
We were also so lucky to get some great 3D/4D pictures of her today! We watched her for probably 15 minutes on the 3D----and that was amazing! I never had them with Ellie or Malia----but it is the coolest thing!!! It is like you are looking right at her! She was very squirmy and we saw her open her mouth one, and even stick her tongue out!!!! Too cute! So here are the pictures we got from today---a lot easier to see than the last 2D ones we had taken several weeks ago!

Enjoy-----isn't she so darn cute?!?!?
Love this one! It looks like she is wearing a hat!!!! :)
This one is her cute little ear and her hands covering her face!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

30 Weeks

Wow, I can't believe we are already to 30 weeks!

I had an OB visit today, and everything was routine, and we found out that we will be able to deliver here in Ida Grove, and we are going ahead with a C-Section. Seriously, we are thrilled! It may sound odd that we had to ok it first, but for those who don't know, we live in a town less than 3,000 people, and our hospital is not really a "high risk" hospital, but we thought considering our situation, we know the outcome, and we don't need a NICU that the bigger hospitals have, so it is mainly for our comfort level, just being right here in our hometown makes me breathe a sigh of relief. So we are very grateful for that!

We have an appointment tomorrow in Omaha with our perinatologist, so will get to have another ultrasound done, hopefully we will get another 3D/4D done and hopefully we her little face! I will be sure to post if we do!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Willow Tree Figurines

I am just so thankful for all the kind words and acts of kindness from people. Today, my neighbor Stephanie stopped and gave me this really neat Willow Tree figurine. It is called the "Angle of Mine" and says "so loved, so very loved" on the card. I LOVE it!!!!!
This also reminded me that I hadn't posted the other one I had gotten from Trudie, an angel of "courage" that I seriously would look at when I was feeling down, and remind me that I can do this, we will make it through this.

AND.....also my friend since I was 2, (wow that's a long time!!!!) Katie had given me these 2 small angels a while back also, that I never got blogged! So I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the thoughtfulness, and they really do brighten my day! I have also "secretly" loved the Willow Tree figurines and wanted to start collecting now I can!

I think the last week has really been a good one. I find myself at a pretty good place with all of this. I still don't like it, and wish things were different, but I think I am coming to an acceptance, that this our journey, we have been chosen to carry Jillian, and as tough as that sometimes, we will all be ok, knowing she will be healed and in Heaven. I am sure I will have many more ups and downs in the next couple months, but for now, I think we are doing pretty well. (considering the situation that is)

Monday, May 4, 2009


First off I want to say thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I received over the last few days. As you may have noticed, I deleted the last 2 posts, and unfortunately all the comments got deleted as well. I was having a rough couple days, but after I "calmed down" I realized this blog is not a place I want to vent or sounds ungrateful, so I chose to delete the posts. We really are super lucky and know we have a great support system----so thank you for all the kind words everyone said, I think it lifted my spirits!

On another note----I had my 28 week check up today with Dr. Veltri. Everything seems to be doing fine, Jillian had a strong heartbeat in the 160's, my blood pressure is still fine, and I am measuring right on track. For some reason though, I have not gained any weight with the pregnancy? I have in fact lost about 9 pounds since the day I found out I was pregnant???? Figure that one out? I know my appetite is just not there, but I am eating---so I guess for the next couple weeks I am going to try to watch my food intake a little more and see if I can't put on a couple pounds---not that I look like I am wasting away or anything---I don't!!!! HAHA!!! Other than that----everything with Jillian and myself are going just fine.

One thing I did talk with him about today was delivery. You see, Adam and I had been talking over the last few weeks about really wanting to deliver in Ida Grove(our hometown) and not in Omaha(2 hours away). At first I was a little leary and I didn't know what I wanted, but I think after we really thought about it, this is where our home is, this is where our family is, Father Heeman, our photographer, the funeral just feels "right to deliver here." I had asked him today what he thought about that and said he would have an answer for me at our next visit in 2 weeks, so I am hopeful we can go ahead and plan for that. I have also decided about 95% sure that I am going to have a C-Section. I have never had one before, and don't really want to, but under the circumstances, I have decided it is the best choice for us. I want every minute possible with her, so if there is a greater chance with a C-Section, than I guess I am willing to take it. I also know that if we do decide (or if we even can) have more children in the future, I will have to continue with the sections, but again, I am ok with that. So I will keep you all updated on our delivery plans as I find out for sure.

One more thing----I was too tired last night with our busy weekend to post, but my mother in law had given me the blankets she had made for us yesterday------there are 2 identical blankets, one for Jillian and one for me to keep! I just love the idea of always having the exact same blanket Jillian does----I am sure I will be cuddling with mine many nights. So thank you so much for the blankets----they are beautiful and will be perfect!!!!! :)

I almost forgot also-----I just started reading the book "I'll Hold you in Heaven" thanks to Abby for picking it up for me!! I have been following Holly's website and she is doing a "book club" over this book, so thought I would join. I am am not one to add to the discussions, but I am reading along and love to see what other people think, and helps me and my understanding.

That's it for now-----just taking it day by day!