Saturday, May 15, 2010

10 months

I got a special package in the mail a few weeks ago from a good friend of mine, it was a nice card, with some packets of flower seeds(4 packs, 1 for each of our girls!) I got the idea to let Ellie and Malia plant them for Jillian. So yesterday, I picked up a couple small pots for each of them, we planted the seeds, and then each girl got to decorate their pots with stickers and markers and as soon as the flowers start to go, we will take them out to Jillian! The girls had a fun time planting and decorating---and thanks to my friend Amy for always being so thoughtful!!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls:

I know Jillian was smiling down on us while we were doing this for her! We try to incorporate her in most things we do, because she is a part of our family, no matter what. We are also very excited to add her little sister to the family in just 10 days! I also know she will be watching over us to make sure everything goes just fine!!
And I can't post without a picture of our beautiful little girl with her beautiful big sisters!!