Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 Months

We would never have guessed that Jillian would be a big sister only 11 months after she went to Heaven...but we are thrilled to introduce Brylie Nicole-Grace into our family. We gave her the middle name Grace, to hopefully carry Jillian on for generations.

Someone left me a comment and said:
"I too believe that angel Jillian is smiling down from heaven. Maybe, just maybe she hand picked Brylie out, just for you."
Here is Brylie Nicole-Grace (I think with the pictures side by side, she does resemble Jillian!)
Jillian Grace----proud Big Sister in Heaven

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jillian's Marker

Today Jillian's marker was installed. We are thrilled to finalyl have her marker there, and to have a vase to arrange some flowers...instead of shoving them in the ground! I will be on the hunt for some perfect flowers for her first arrangement!! Tonight I just added what was already out there.

We are not sure what we think of it yet. I mean it will work and we do like it, but we were thinking there would be more granite than concrete, but there sure is a big chun kof concrete around it. It will work though----we love the granite we picked out, and the angel we picked for the corner, and will remind us of Jillian everytime we visit. I think no matter what, it is hard to "fall in love" with a marker that represents a child you buried. We moved all of her special things and I am now on the hunt for a birthday flag! Just over a month and we will celebrate her 1 year birthday----wow, almost a year already?

After we got all of her special things moved...