Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 Months

We would never have guessed that Jillian would be a big sister only 11 months after she went to Heaven...but we are thrilled to introduce Brylie Nicole-Grace into our family. We gave her the middle name Grace, to hopefully carry Jillian on for generations.

Someone left me a comment and said:
"I too believe that angel Jillian is smiling down from heaven. Maybe, just maybe she hand picked Brylie out, just for you."
Here is Brylie Nicole-Grace (I think with the pictures side by side, she does resemble Jillian!)
Jillian Grace----proud Big Sister in Heaven


Michelle said...


Brylie really does look EXACTLY like Jillian... and i'm so glad you get to bring your new daughter home with you. of course she can never replace Jillian - children are not replaceable - but hopefully she will bring some joy back into your hearts.

for a baby with anencephaly, Jillian looked remarkably "normal" in my opinion - most babies have bulging eyes, flat noses, etc., but Jillian is just lovely. :-)

praying for your family as you continue to work through the loss of your precious Jillian & welcome your new daughter Brylie into the family!

please keep us posted, and share some more Brylie pics if you get the chance... i love hearing updates so i know how best to pray! :-)

- michelle

Jamie said...

I too think they look A LOT alike!! They are both prescious little angels!! I know Jillian is looking down right now with the biggest smile on her face at her sisters, and is very PROUD to be a big sister!!
That saying is PERFECT!! I am very thankful everyday for my 4 nieces and so thankful everyday that you and Adam are their parents:) You have shown me a strength that I didn't even know existed in people, you are the BEST parents in the world and all 4 girls are very lucky!!
Miss Jillian has changed our lives in so many ways, I love and miss her everyday and am constantly wondering what she would be like right now, if she would be calm like Miss Ellie or a little crazy one like Malia:)
Aunt Jamie

Holly said...

Wow! Jillian and Brylie look so much alike!! They are definitely sisters and no one could ever deny that!

Grandpa and Grandma said...

The girls do look a lot alike!!! So cute......I'm sure Jillian is smiling from heaven watching over her sisters. XXOO

elena said...

They do resemble each other a lot! :) Congratulations on little Brylie and congratulations to Jillian on becoming a big sister. The quote is so perfect, thank you for sharing it with us.

many hugs

Amy Walter said...

Love that quote -it's perfect! Love the pictures of both of them - they def. are sisters!

The Hamann Family said...

God is good! - - he knows our hearts and he knows what we need before we need it!
They definitely resemble each other - - SISTERS! :) Both are absolutely beautiful little girls!

mrsheasley said...

Hello there, Blessings to you and your beautiful family...I am a student midwife and happened upon your page when doing research on anencephaly and wanted to share something with you that you may find comfort in. I encourage you to pick up the book "Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent and read her chapter about spirit babies. God bless.