Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sisters Singing

With Jillian's 1st birthday fast approaching, I thought I would share a couple videos. Before Jillian was born, I asked Malia what she was going to say when she met Jillian, and she told me she was going to sing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....and she was too cute and melts my heart to see these girls singing to their baby sister. (You will need to go to the bottom and pause the playlist to hear the videos)

Ellie also made up a song she had planned to sing to Jillian as well.....

I have more videos of Jillian when she is born and crying, and of her making noises and blowing bubbles before she passed away. Not sure if I will share those, and some things are sacred and we will share with our families....but I thought the girls singing was so cute not to share.

I have also been working on Jillian's video and plan to post that on her birthday to everyone to enjoy and I have not opened Jillian's chest in a few months, and everything is still exactly where it was when I put it in there last we also plan to open it and go through all her little things again on her birthday...Ellie is especially excited to do this. We aren't planning anything big to celebrate, decorating her grave with birthday decor, a balloon release, and some cupcakes...we will celebrate the wonderful 22 hours we got to spend with Jillian.


Amy Walter said...

These are adorable! I think you guys did and still are doing such a great job making sure Ellie and Malia really got to know their baby sister and will ALWAYS remember her. Brylie someday will enjoy these videos and all the stories too. Jillian might have been only lived 22 hours, but you are all making sure she lives on and she has touched and continues to touch so many lives.

I know this month is tough and will be on her birthday too. We continue to have you all in our thoughts and prayers and are keeping you especially close in our prayers and thoughts this month.

~ Much Love

Andrew & Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing! Sometimes things like this can be hard to watch, but videos and pictures will help to remember the good times and how sweet she is. Malia and Ellie did a great job. Even though we miss her, you can't help but get a smile on your face when you watch these. It's evident how much they love Jillian.

Holly said...

That is so sweet. I know her birthday celebration will be wonderful. ♥

The Hamann Family said...

very sweet!:)