Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Party"

Despite the weather, we had a really nice little "party" for Jillian tonight at the cemetery. We had planned to meet at 6:15, for a balloon release and cupcakes. It was questionable all day if we would be able to, since we were severe weather watches, and when we got there, it was getting very dark and cloudy, like it could start storming any minute! Not to mention the heat index was 106 today and SO HUMID! We got all the balloons handed out, some of us wrote notes on the balloons, or attached notes, then we all sang Happy Birthday to Jillian...and let our balloons go! It was so neat to see all the pink and green balloons! We got 22 balloons.....each one representing each hour she was with us 1 year ago!

And of course, I had to make pink and green cupcakes!!!

As soon as we got the cupcakes eaten and to our cars, it started to sprinkle...this was the sky as I was headed home! Luckily it held off long enough for us to celebrate. I felt like there was so much more I wanted to do...but couldn't since she isn't here. I always throw parties for all my girls, and sometimes go overboard, so I feel like I did the best I could for Jillian.....but it just doesn't feel like enough. That must be the "mom" in just want to do the best for your kids....I hope she knew I put a lot of thought and love into the details!!!!!

The girls gave their Jillian bears extra hugs today!

We even got a couple very nice gifts from some friends and family! I LOVE how my sister wrapped this one in pink and green and wrote Jillian's name on it!!!!!!

Here are a few gifts we received----we can't THANK YOU enough for thinking of us and Jillian!! We also received a couple really nice cards, e-mails, etc! It means SO MUCH!!!!! Also thanks to everyone that was able to join us tonight and those that couldn't be with us---I know you were thinking of us!!!!

Tonight before tucking the girls into bed, we all picked a cupcake and a candle, and sang Happy Birthday again, and we all made a wish and blew out the candles!

As hard as today was, it feels good to know we celebrated just for her! I know she was only with us for a short time on Earth, but she is forever in our hearts!!


Jamie said...

Things couldn't have turned out any better!! Jillian I know loved every minute of us thinking about her and celebrating for her today:) So glad the weather held off long enough and I just know Jillian made sure to hold it off for us!! You did a WONDERFUL job making this day very special for Jillian!! Lots of tears today, but happy tears!!

Lori said...

Oh, looking at this is just so beautiful! I did really good today, just thinking of her. But looking at all the outpouring of love and thoughts of Jillian just makes my heart melt! I soooo wish I could have been there for her walk, and now for her BD celebration and her celebration of the 22 hours we had with her! What a special little girl who has touched so many lives! I know she is smiling down from Heaven and is sharing in all the love. Love you Jillian and miss you terribly!
Love, Nana....
Jodi, you did an awesome job in celebrating her BD today! I love the balloons and the is all really awesome! Thanks for sharing on this blog so I and many other people can be part of it.

Sarita Boyette said...

Jillian had an amazing birthday party! She is such a pretty baby, and I'm so sorry she had to fly to Heaven too soon. What a precious, much-loved baby she is. (((HUGS))) to all of you.

Grandpa and Grandma said...

What a great party for Jillian.....holding the memories of our sweet baby Jillian in our hearts.XXOO

Amy Walter said...

I love what you guys did for her birthday! You put a lot of thought into everything and I think she def. knew her family was celebrating for her and with her. I love that you put special messages with the balloons for the release - I'm sure God was reading them to her as they flew up towards her. I'm so happy the weather held off long enough for you to be able to do that. Thinking and praying for you - I know today will be extra hard.

Very Much Love!

Josie said...

Beautiful video Jodi - tears streaming down my cheeks at work. Glad to hear the weather held out for you guys - love always!!

Amy Forbes said...

Adam & Jodi

This video is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I cried the entire time! What a great tribute to sweet baby Jillian that you can cherish forever.

Trisha Larson said...

It just melts my heart to see the outpouring of support that you had as you celebrated sweet Jillian. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful family.

I love how you honored your daughter. You did good Mommy!!!


The Hamann Family said...

Such amazing memories you are creating! What a great idea to do a balloon release! - - thinking of you guys!!

Candi Ladwig said...

The balloons were perfect floating up to her. So glad the storm held off... it looks terrible! Love you all.

Candi Ladwig said...

The balloons were perfect floating up to her. So glad the storm held off... it looks terrible! Love you all.

Holly said...

I love the colors that remind you of Jillian and that you wore your shirts to the cemetery. I'm glad the rain held off so you could do the balloon release for her. The cupcakes look yummy!!