Monday, May 4, 2009


First off I want to say thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I received over the last few days. As you may have noticed, I deleted the last 2 posts, and unfortunately all the comments got deleted as well. I was having a rough couple days, but after I "calmed down" I realized this blog is not a place I want to vent or sounds ungrateful, so I chose to delete the posts. We really are super lucky and know we have a great support system----so thank you for all the kind words everyone said, I think it lifted my spirits!

On another note----I had my 28 week check up today with Dr. Veltri. Everything seems to be doing fine, Jillian had a strong heartbeat in the 160's, my blood pressure is still fine, and I am measuring right on track. For some reason though, I have not gained any weight with the pregnancy? I have in fact lost about 9 pounds since the day I found out I was pregnant???? Figure that one out? I know my appetite is just not there, but I am eating---so I guess for the next couple weeks I am going to try to watch my food intake a little more and see if I can't put on a couple pounds---not that I look like I am wasting away or anything---I don't!!!! HAHA!!! Other than that----everything with Jillian and myself are going just fine.

One thing I did talk with him about today was delivery. You see, Adam and I had been talking over the last few weeks about really wanting to deliver in Ida Grove(our hometown) and not in Omaha(2 hours away). At first I was a little leary and I didn't know what I wanted, but I think after we really thought about it, this is where our home is, this is where our family is, Father Heeman, our photographer, the funeral just feels "right to deliver here." I had asked him today what he thought about that and said he would have an answer for me at our next visit in 2 weeks, so I am hopeful we can go ahead and plan for that. I have also decided about 95% sure that I am going to have a C-Section. I have never had one before, and don't really want to, but under the circumstances, I have decided it is the best choice for us. I want every minute possible with her, so if there is a greater chance with a C-Section, than I guess I am willing to take it. I also know that if we do decide (or if we even can) have more children in the future, I will have to continue with the sections, but again, I am ok with that. So I will keep you all updated on our delivery plans as I find out for sure.

One more thing----I was too tired last night with our busy weekend to post, but my mother in law had given me the blankets she had made for us yesterday------there are 2 identical blankets, one for Jillian and one for me to keep! I just love the idea of always having the exact same blanket Jillian does----I am sure I will be cuddling with mine many nights. So thank you so much for the blankets----they are beautiful and will be perfect!!!!! :)

I almost forgot also-----I just started reading the book "I'll Hold you in Heaven" thanks to Abby for picking it up for me!! I have been following Holly's website and she is doing a "book club" over this book, so thought I would join. I am am not one to add to the discussions, but I am reading along and love to see what other people think, and helps me and my understanding.

That's it for now-----just taking it day by day!


Holly said...

Glad your checkup went well! Is your dr concerned about you not gaining weight? I only gained 12 lbs w/ Carleigh, but both me and Carleigh were measuring way behind too so that could be the reason for that. Is Jillian's growth good? I'm assuming it prolly is since you're measuring right on track.

I can see why you'd want to deliver in your hometown and don't blame you a bit. I wonder why your dr didn't tell at that visit if it was ok. It sounds like you're pretty confident you're going w/ a c-section. Your odds will prolly be a lot better w/ a c-section. All the mommies who've had c-sections have had some time w/ their babies so the odds are in your favor.

The blanket is adorable! It looks similar to the quilt that the hospital gave us. Neat! I'm glad you are reading along w/ us. :)

Celia said...

I am so glad to hear that your appt went well and everything is going good w/your pregnancy. I will pray that the doctor will be able to deliver you in your hometown as you wish. I would think that he would do his best to accommodate you given the situation. I am sure he just had to check his schedule to be sure he could be there.

The blankets are so very lovely! And what a wonderful idea, making 2 of them!

And here is praying that you gain some weight. Unfortunately, I have put on quite a bit (but was never a small girl to begin with). I kind of used Noah's diagnosis as an excuse to eat without reservation. If I could give you some of my weight I gladly would because now that the day is getting closer to have Noah I am a little guilty for having put so much back on! Oh well. I will work it off.

I will continue to pray for you!

Chris, Abby, Ayden, Elliott & Ashley said...

I think the blankets are beautiful, and something you will always cherish! No problem about the book, anything else you need, we are here for you:) Love ya lots!

Amy said...

Okay, where to start....

That's great that the check up went well - don't you just love hearing the little heart beat?! I hope you start gaining weight - just don't feel like you have to focus on that - I'm sure you're eating as healthy and as much as you can.

Hopefully they'll let you deliver in Ida Grove - that would be nice - especially since your family is right there and I think you would prob. feel more comfortable too. As far as the c-section goes, I think it's great that you are going to opt for that if that gives little Jillian a better chance.

I love the blankets - what a sweet idea! I think it's great that you and Jillian will have matching blankets and even better that her Grandma made them. They look adorable!

The book "I'll hold you in Heaven" looks like it will be a good read and nice that they have a book club on Holly's blog for you to follow.

You are so strong Jodi, you really are. We pray for you and Jillian everyday.

Jamie said...

That is amazing to hear that the two of you are doing good... I am so glad everything is on track, even if you aren't gaining any weight, like someone else said dont focus so much on that just focus on eating healthy!!

I hope Dr. Veltri gives you good news in 2 weeks, that would be awesome if you guys could have Jillian here, I think you will feel more comfortable and it will be easier!!

Whatever decisions you make you know we are always here for you and will be there for you and that we love you guys and would do anything for you!! Love you Sis:)