Monday, February 14, 2011

19 Months

Wow. 19 Months already since Jillian's birth.

Valentine's Day might never really feel the same again. 2 years ago we found out about Jillian's fatal condition, just the day before Valentine's Day. I think I now associate this day with her diagnosis, it just isn't the same anymore. Coincidentally, today is also 19 months since her birth.

I felt like I needed a "Jillian Post!" It had been awhile, I get to blog about the other girls all the time, it was Jillian's turn.

I know we cherish the moments we had with her and still think about her often. We wonder what she would look like now, what she would be doing, saying, eating, what her laugh would be like and I am sure her smile would light up a room!

I LOVE how Ellie and Malia bring Jillian up AT LEAST once every single day. She is ALWAYS included in their cute little family drawings, and whenever Ellie writes the members of our family, she NEVER leaves her out. I love that.

I also think what a blessing Brylie is and as Ellie said to me the other day..."Mom, Jillian did such a good job sending Brylie to us."
Love this one soon after she was born....she is smiling and trying to find her thumb! :)


Grandpa and Grandma said...

We love that picture too!!! We think of her daily and know our sweet little baby Jillian is dancing with the angels! XXOO G&G

Lori said...

I am so glad you posted on Jillian's Blog...I think of her all the time and have the same wonders as you...what would she look like, her personality, etc. We know she is in a good place, but I sure would love to have her here with us!

Love, NANA

Jamie said...

I think about Jillian on a daily basis too!!! There are soooo many times I look at Kendra and start tearing up thinking about Jillian and all the things she would be doing!! I know her and Kendra would have been best buds like Blake and Malia are... Brylie is a wonderful blessing and she lights up a room whenever you walk into it, like Ellie said, Jillian did a good job sending Brylie:)

Love you
Aunt Jamie

Amy Walter said...

This is such a sweet post Jodi.

Someone I know through work just lost their baby this last week... delivered the baby girl on Monday night, the 6th and their baby girl passed away due to heart and lung problems on Thursday. My heart aches for them and made me think of you. It's weird - I didn't realize you had even posted something new on here but after I heard the news of the other loss - I thought I would look at those precious pictures of your beautiful Jillian and saw you had updated with a beautiful post.

Thinking and praying for your family always. I think its so special that Ellie, Malia and when Brylie is a little older will always know their sister Jillian. You and Adam have done such a wonderful job of truly keeping her alive through all of your short but beautiful memories.

Love to you!

Bonita said...

Thank you for sharing Jodi. Jillian is a beautiful baby!!!
My thoughts are with you, but I hope you find comfort in knowing she is always with you in spirit.

It's amazing knowing that God had a plan for Jillian and that one of the many gifts she passed along was Brylie :)

Holly said...

I love that your girls still talk about her. Kyndra gave me a moment the other day while playing with my necklace of Carleigh's.

Misty said...

This was a touching post, Jodi, and the pictures are so stunning. We speak of Isaac every day, too, he's still part of our family, so I understand that. Love to you and yours.

Candi Ladwig said...

I just happened to click on this link to find... a new post! I loved your maternity pics! They show all of your raw emotions. Jillian is in everyone's thoughts daily. I can't wait to celebrate her again this summer with you :)

Andrew and Lisa said...

I still can't even imagine the pain you must have felt and continue to go through. Your family has done such a wonderful job of expressing your love for her and always remembering the best.