Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss Jillian

I just got a call from Aunt Jamie with all of the details...

Miss Jillian Grace was born at 9:40am. She weighed 4lb 15oz. {They were in such a hurry to get her dressed they forgot to get her height} She has dark black hair, like mama :)

They got her baptized and now she is in the room with her family for LOTS of pictures. She is doing well, and they will keep me posted. Jamie took some pictures on her camera and will e-mail them to me later for the blogs.

Jodi is also doing good after her surgery and enjoying her little girl.

Thanks for checking in, and please keep the Lansinks in your prayers.



Misty said...

Praise God!! Can't wait to see how beautiful she is.

Celia said...

Yay! Praise God!!

Holly said...

I'm so happy that Jillian was born alive and they are getting time with her. She's a great size and that's so neat she has dark hair. I can't wait to see pics of her. Still praying!

la fée said...

I'm very happy for you and your family.
Welcome to Jillian Grace !
Praise God.
Still praying.