Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday I was quite surprised to go to the mailbox and have 2 packages!

The first one was a gift that my mom had sent for Jillian, a cute white tiny Bible with an embroidered cover that Jillian keep with her. She had also bought 2, so we can keep the same one in her memory box! Thanks so much mom-----we love them and Jillian will too, knowing it was picked out with love from Nana! :)

Second was the necklace I had won from Holly's Blog, Caring For Carleigh. It was a gift created by Sue at My Forever Child and is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is a silver chain with a pendant that has all 3 of our girls' names on it, with a gem for each of them. If you get a chance be sure to go to My Forever Child and check out all her items, she does a great job and has some really cool items on her site! I can't thank Holly and Sue enough for putting this drawing together, and was so excited to be the winner! There are so many up and down days, and fun drawings like this is such a great idea, and sure brightened my day! (Maybe in the future I can put something together on my blog!?)

Again----I don't even have the right words to thank our friends and family for all the kindness we have been shown already---we are so fortunate to have wonderful people around us and helping us through this----we are so very lucky!!!!!


MOM said...

I'm glad you like the bibles. I knew that was what I wanted to get for baby Jillian and you...!

The necklace is so nice!! I really love it!

Christi said...

What awesome gifts!!!! I love the idea of having two bibles- one to stay with Jillian and one for you. The necklace is fantastic, I love it.

Holly said...

That little Bible is so cute and I love the embroidered cover. The necklace is beautiful! Sue did such a great job!! I'm very grateful that she was so generous in helping me do the Mother's day giveaways and I was thrilled that you won one of the necklaces. I was hoping one of my anen mommy friends would get one. :) It's also neat that your necklace will be on Sue's site!!

grandma-grandpa-lansink said...

What great gifts Jodi and Adam!! The necklace is beautiful..... and the bibles are very special. Your memory chest will be brimming over with all the special gifts...kindness and love that all our friends and family have shown to you. As always in our thoughts and prayers. Mom and Dad Lansink

Chris, Abby, Ayden, Elliott & Ashley said...

Love both gifts! How special each one is, both you can treasure forever!

Candi Ladwig said...

I love the necklace! You are going to need a memory cedar chest to fit everything in :)